Perseverance – The Art of Never Giving Up

A fundamental core value of our martial art is Perseverance (Never giving up). Why is it important? Perseverance is a key ingredient for you to be successful in life. It means being determined to work hard regardless of any odds or obstacles that may exist. It is to relentlessly pursue your goals and be firm on completing your tasks and not giving up.

Good morning. Just wanted to post a short video on perseverance. What it means to us in the martial arts world but also in life as well. Perseverance actually comes from a Latin word called perseverant… let me wrap my tongue around this… “perseverantia”, which literally means to abide by something strictly and I think basically it means not giving up; having the tenacity to push through and complete a task no matter what that is. So, you set yourself a goal and you try and complete that goal to the best of your ability. I think that’s what perseverance is all about. Unfortunately, these days, I think people give up way too easily. They start things, particularly with martial arts, they come down with high expectations of joining up and starting on the Aikido journey, but unfortunately, and maybe they don’t set their goals correctly or are realistic enough in the goals that they set, but they quickly learn that it’s not an easy journey and that it does take a lot to stick on the path and try and achieve those goals. I’ve got many, many students who are still with me after a number of years training with me, and I’ve been teaching since 1993 as some of you know, and despite all, you know, many, many ups and downs I’ve had; probably more downs than ups actually; I’ve still managed to persevere through those obstacles and continue on with my training and my teaching and running the school, and as I said before, many of my students, my senior students some have been with me for over 20 years, some 15, some for 10, and you know so it’s a long, long time to persevere with something and to stick with it. But I commend those people; I really do. I really think that they’ve shown a lot of not just dedication to the art, but also dedication to themselves. Showing that strict adherence to you know the practice of Aikido which I’ve said before can be very frustrating sometimes. But you know, we need to be able to push through and achieve goals because that way gives us… You know that’s how we live our life with passion and we live a good life basically. Because if we don’t have goals and we don’t set those goals and we don’t persevere to trying to achieve those goals and really, what’s life all about? So the word of the day, perseverance: stick to something strictly. Never give up. Put your best foot forward with 100% effort and, you know, hopefully, you’ll achieve those goals. If you want to discuss this more with me, feel free to see me at the dojo, and hopefully, we can talk about a few more things as well. So have a great day. Look forward to seeing you soon. Bye for now.

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