Padded Weapons Combatives Classes

Padded Weapons, also known as Combative Aiki Weapons, are a fantastic and padded-weapons-combatives-classfun way for our Aikido students to learn realistic sword combat safely and without risk of injury. The long list of benefits of learning proper sword technique is vital to a Student’s advancement in their Aikido Training and can be found here.

The Padded Weapons Class lets us take this training to a new level. Using specially designed equipment which properly represent actual Aikido weapons (Bokken & Katana), students train their skills and reflexes at full-speed and full-contact with 100% safety. This special class held on Saturdays at 9:45 AM will also help students with their empty hand Aikido.

Combative Aikido weapons derives its techniques and methodology from both Kenjutsu & Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū (Japanese sword-fighting).

Padded weapons classes padded sword workOur curriculum teaches stances, strikes, blocks, and sword techniques. Even our younger children students can begin to learn at a young age.

Students also gain experience in weapon sparring, individual, and team competition. To mix in fun, students get to play a variety of games which put their combat skills to the ultimate test.

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