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Aikido is the Best Martial Art for Women’s Self-Defence
Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is unlike most other styles. Many other martial arts are considered hard, linear styles that meet force with force. However, students of Aikido are taught to redirect an attacker’s force and use it against him. Aikido is beneficial to women because it does not require women to be stronger than male attackers in order to defend themselves. 


Aikido teaches a wide variety of joint locking and Judo throwing techniques that can help women escape dangerous situations. Women can benefit from Aikido because this system’s drills help students to function both mentally and physically when under duress. Aikido can empower women to protect themselves against violent situations like sexual assaults.

Defence Against Sexual Assaults
The grappling techniques of Aikido are particularly well suited for women to learn. Sexual assaults and other attacks against women often start with a grab and end up on the ground. Often the attacks occur so quickly the victim has little to no warning and no time or opportunity to defend themselves with a punch or a kick. Yoseikan Aikido teaches effective escapes from a multitude of grabs and incorporates Jujutsu for ground fighting, which can help women learn how to defend themselves when pinned underneath male attackers. Aikido is a good art for women to learn because it teaches women how to escape dangerous situations as quickly as possible before the danger has an opportunity to escalate.

Defence Against Armed and Unarmed Attackers
Yoseikan Aikido is equally beneficial for women because of the art’s incorporation of punching and kicking (Atemi). Men generally have more upper body strength than women and this factor can leave women vulnerable in an attack. Yoseikan Aikido equips women with an arsenal of devastating strikes, punches and kicks that can help combat the strength of male attackers, and teaches its practitioners how to deal with both armed and unarmed attacks. Women can learn how various parts of their bodies like elbows and knees can become weapons when necessary. Striking an attacker in a pressure point would be an example of an Aikido defence.

The best way for women to protect themselves against violent attacks is to be prepared. Martial arts classes can help women learn the necessary skills to prevent and escape dangerous situations. The best way to find the right self defence class for women is to take that first step into a martial arts school and try a class. Giving Aikido a try could be a live-saving decision. Use the form on this page to ask us today about our Trial Offer!

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