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West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy has been a part of the local community since 1993 teaching and educating hundreds of local children the benefits of training in Aikido.

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Aikido, or ‘Way of Harmony’, is a non-competitive and non-aggressive martial art that relies not on strength, but on utilising the attackers force to take them down to the ground so they can be restrained. This method of self defence is very different to your conventional martial arts that rely more on aggression which could see students getting into trouble with school authorities, or even the law.

As educators and parents ourselves we know how valuable a good education is to our kids and as a local service we get great pleasure out of helping our local schools and educational services create a better and more positive environment in which kids can learn. We feel that Aikido can help you create this environment!

In the past we have done fund raisers, supplied morning teas or breakfast for school staff, participated in career days and been a P.E. teacher for a day. We can also talk to the students about topics such as:

  • Bully Prevention tactics
  • Safety Awareness skills
  • Ways to Focus for better learning & grades
  • Verbal Aikido – Showing Respect & 7 ways to better communication.

We also have an interactive Aikido self defence program where the students learn basic self-defence and awareness skills combined with anti-bullying tactics. Students have a great time learning the hands-on practical skills plus they gain the knowledge and wisdom to walk away with confidence. They also earn their White Belt and a Certificate of Accomplishment. We have conducted numerous workshops at local schools over the years and these are just some of the positive comments received from school staff:

“The West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy’s In School Program has been a great opportunity for students to experience a martial art and gain confidence, self-defence skills and develop respect for others. They had two excellent teachers in Sensei Ross Taylor and Sensei Matt Olney. Right from the start, the students were engaged and challenged to listen, understand and practice useful techniques for self-defence. The sessions were also a lot of fun. Students found many of the moves challenging at first overcoming their initial fears but soon gained more confidence to use their skills. They had to work together and learn to be a good teacher, helping each other master each skill. It was very rewarding for students to experience being able to defend and push over a much larger person with the techniques they had learnt. The look of delight on their faces said it all. Thank you to Sensei Ross and Sensei Matt for providing this valuable and very engaging opportunity for Ellenbrook Christian College.”

Katie Clayton, 
Sport Coordinator, 
Ellenbrook Christian College

We asked West Coast Aikido Academy to come to our school for one of the Language Week activities. Ross sensei and John’s demonstration was absolutely wonderful, and all the students were very impressed. Then Ross sensei gave us a couple of trial classes as well. The way sensei communicate with the students was very efficient and they were engaged the whole time. They had a great time and were talking about it for a long time. I do recommend to any schools to invite Ross sensei and the Academy for the unique experience. “

Tomoko McLean

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