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At West Coast Aikido our teenage students (ages 13+) train with the Adults. We feel that this is the best way to prepare them for the “real world” by allowing them to experience training with other people of varying size. We feel that this approach is the least restrictive to their development as martial artists. They will learn the self-defence techniques of aikido in a structured, safe and controlled method as they work up through the belt ranking system on their journey to Black Belt.

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Whilst they will learn the physical technique required to protect themselves, your child will be taught that because they have these skills they must use them responsibly and only as a last resort. ‘With rank, comes responsibility!’

There have been many studies that have shown that martial arts training is highly beneficial in the development of children transitioning to adulthood. Training in Aikido will give your child a much greater degree of self confidence and self worth. We believe this to be very important especially considering the social pressures that teens are under these days.

Aikido is a fantastic martial art for young people as it has many of the positive benefits and traditional values that sadly are lacking in today’s society. Your child will learn many different physical and mental strategies to deal with most situations.

Here are some of the benefits your child will gain training in aikido:

  • Aikido improves co-ordination and fine motor skills.
  • As your child learns new skills and adapts to the class environment they will develop more self-confidence and make new friends.
  • Aikido will develop more self-discipline as your child will learn to follow instructions whilst achieving their goals.
  • Respect is a key component of any traditional martial art. Your child will learn how by respecting themselves they will give more respect to others.
  • Aikido will develop your child’s focus, awareness and concentration as they master the relevant skills of the art.
  • Physical fitness is a huge part of your child’s training in aikido. Each class has a general fitness component where they will master the physical exercises outlined in their syllabus.
  • Your child will be challenged mentally and physically in class. (As they would outside of class.) They will be taught to persist and to never give up!

We teach in a disciplined, safe yet fun environment where the emphasis is on cooperation and non-aggression. West Coast Aikido has been teaching children since 1993 and we have many gifted and experienced instructors who are able to get the best out of your child and develop them to their full potential.

We see our work as joining together with you as a parent in developing your child into the best that they can be and help them to be our next generation of black belts!

Martial art training has been recognized as one of the safest and best activities in the world for teaching children self-esteem, self-discipline, self-confidence and vital life-skills. Psychologists, guidance councellors and teachers recommend martial arts for children with Autism, A.D.D., A.D.H.D and discipline issues.

The Adults & Teens class age ranges are from 13 years of age.

Please note: All of our instructors hold a current ‘Working with Children’ check.

Please see the class timetable for the right class for your child.

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