Martial Arts Classes For KIDS

Our Kid’s Martial Arts and Aikido classes in Perth are designed to introduce your child to the basics of aikido and martial arts.

In this program we teach your child effective and efficient martial arts skills. Additionally, they are learning the traditional and unique martial arts values and qualities that are oftentimes missing in todays society and in many of the contemporary martial arts.

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We Proudly Offer Kid’s Martial Arts Classes

A typical kid’s class will have a healthy dose of respect, focus, discipline, manners, listening skills and a fitness component. Mixed in with the above will be the drills and technical requirements of their curriculum as they are steadily advancing through the belt ranks.


  • Learn self-discipline and build confidence.
  • Develop respect for self and others.
  • Improve coordination, agility and fitness.


  • Aikido technical requirements.
  • Hand – eye coordination drills and agility training.
  • Learning and displaying the core martial arts values on and off the mats.


  • Mental Benefits:
    Self-Confidence, Self Esteem, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Good Decision Making, Focusing and Listening
  • Physical Benefits:
    Balance, Posture, Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Strength, Healthy Living, Physical Fitness, Self-Defence
  • Social Benefits:
    Teamwork, Positive Social Interaction, Stranger Awareness, Personal Safety, Respect, Discipline, Making New Friends, Anti-Bullying Education, Have Fun

* Your child will learn in a disciplined, safe, fun environment where the emphasis is on cooperation and non-aggression.

In addition to instilling your child with confidence and effective anti-bullying techniques, we also focus on teaching your child important life skills by incorporating the Excellent Kids Merit Badge System into our curriculum. Each month we concentrate on a specific, easily defined, value and ask the kids to demonstrate these while they’re away from the Dojo, at home or at school. Based upon parents’ feedback we then award the deserving student with a Merit Badge that they can proudly display on their Uniform. We’ve found that this has been a powerful tool and a great incentive to help our younger students” take their Aikido home with them” and strive to be their best on and off the mats.


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