Martial Arts Classes For Adults

Do You Want a Proven, More Exciting, Fast and Unique Way of Getting into the Best Shape of Your Life? Would You Like to Have Greater Confidence and Feel Safer and More Secure, Whether at Home or Out in Public?

If you answered Yes to these question’s, then Aikido martial arts training could be just what you are looking for! We have Aikido and Martial Arts Classes for both adult men and women.

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West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy Training in Perth

It is a proven fact that adult men and women training in the martial arts can not only get you looking great but will also get your mind into better shape giving you a more positive and fulfilling outlook on life.

By learning the traditional and ancient exercises that are the foundation of Aikido Martial Arts, you are guaranteed to lose excess body weight, tone your muscles and strengthen bone density. Additionally, you will be armed with the physical self defence skills that will give you more confidence at home or when you are out in public places. These vital skills could just be what you need when confronted by a violent and aggressive individual or group intent on doing you or your loved one’s harm.

An added benefit of training in Aikido is that it is truly a mind, body, spiritual practice that blends the physical techniques of Aikido with the mental and spiritual aspects of the art making it an activity that can be practiced in our daily existence to help set us on the path to a more composed, peaceful and harmonious life.

At West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy training is conducted in a safe, structured environment, free of competition and egos. Also, unlike many of the fitness facilities out there, (especially the 24/7 gyms), you will receive personalised instruction from one of our experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

Additional to your regular training sessions, we also have monthly events and advanced training that you can attend that will elevate your Aikido skills and abilities to greater levels.

As a martial art and spiritual discipline, Aikido will improve all areas of your life helping you to:

  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Elevate your cardio conditioning
  • Improve your overall strength and bone density
  • Acquire self-discipline that you never thought was possible
  • Improve your focus and awareness
  • Gain greater self confidence
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Achieve more from your life

Our art is based on the theory of adaptability. What does that mean? Simply put, regardless of your age, fitness level or even if you have physical limitations, we can accommodate you.

Please feel free to contact us or come down to our dojo and try a free class. We would love to have you visit our dojo and try out Aikido so that we can demonstrate to you how effective and interesting Aikido is and how it can really help you to improve yourself physically and mentally. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to get you started on your Aikido journey.

Adult Classes are for ages 13 and up.

Please see the Training Timetable to see which of our classes is right for you.

Training Timetable

Martial Arts for Kids

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