Our Culture

Dedicated To Inspiring Our Members To Be Their Best!

Our mission at West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy is to serve our students, members, and families at the highest level. With this being our ultimate goal, we are constantly improving upon everything that we do, to better the experience for our students. Through updating our curriculum and character development program, to staff and instructor training and constantly updating and improving our facilities, we are always investing in ways to better serve our students.

Ross Taylor Sensei and John Hewell Program Director

As part of Perth’s Northern Suburbs community since 1993, we have always been closely involved with our local schools, businesses and other organizations and we believe, because of this, many local people have chosen to be a part of our culture.

We have a strong LEARNING ethos where through progressive teaching methods we guide our students carefully whilst giving them opportunities to constantly and consistently grow and improve themselves. West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to providing an environment that satisfies our student’s needs whilst at the same time maintaining a ‘family’ atmosphere.