In-School Martial Arts Course

We also conduct an In-School 2 – 4 Week Martial Arts Course for Primary & Secondary school students.

If you are an Educator or Physical Education Teacher this program may be of interest to you.

In-School Self-Defence Program

In this program, we teach basic self-defence, escapes and anti-bullying tactics. Students have a great time and gain the knowledge and wisdom to walk with confidence. They also earn their White Belt and a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Hear what Katie Clayton from Ellenbrook Christian College has to say:

“The West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy’s In School Program has been a great opportunity for students to experience a martial art and gain confidence, self-defence skills and develop respect for others. They had two excellent teachers in Sensei Ross Taylor and Sensei Matt Olney. Right from the start, the students were engaged and challenged to listen, understand and practice useful techniques for self-defence. The sessions were also a lot of fun. Students found many of the moves challenging at first and had to overcome their fear of falling or become confident to use their strength. They had to work together and learn to be a good teacher, helping each other master each skill. It was very rewarding for students to experience being able to defend and push over a much larger person with the techniques they had learnt. The look of delight on their faces said it all. Thank you to Sensei Ross and Sensei Matt for providing this valuable and very engaging opportunity for Ellenbrook Christian College.”

Katie Clayton, Sport Coordinator, Ellenbrook Christian College
Aikido in school self-defence