Dealing With Negative Comments

Dealing with negative comments from others is tough, but believing in your own self-worth and understanding that the negativity is usually their problem and not yours is the key to overcoming negative comments.

Good morning. I hope you’re doing well today, and you can have a great day. Just want to talk today about negative influences in your life, and your reaction to those negative comments or thoughts. The reason why I bring this up is, it just sort of came into my mind the other day, remembering back to my school days and particularly my high school days where I had a teacher who constantly told me I wouldn’t amount to anything. Which reflecting on today, I have to laugh at it, but at the time it was a pretty serious thing. And he was really not a supportive teacher nor one that you would sort of look back in fondness on and say, “he was a great teacher”. So, whether that was his teaching style or maybe he was trying to prove it to motivate me in in his own way, but at the time it certainly wasn’t any motivation for me. In fact, it kind of made me go the other way and rebel against the system if you like. I wasn’t the greatest student in the world, I must admit, I could have done a lot better in the school if I had applied myself more but what I’ve learned as I went along and basically self-taught in almost everything that I’ve done. So I suppose the lesson here is, yes people will put you down, they will tell you, like for example another example in my life is an uncle told me when I said to him I was going to start teaching martial arts and he basically laughed in my face and said that’ll never work you ever to do that forever and you’ll be a failure of that and today now he’s not around anymore but today I think I’m reasonably successful at it can always improve but he wasn’t right and I’m still here teaching I love for those people to be alive today to see be witness to what I’ve done and how I have succeeded and as I said before I might not be the best martial arts instructor or the marshal best martial artist in the world I might not be the best business owner in the world but I try my hardest I do the best I can I try and do it the right way and try and be positive with my students. I try to get the best out of them and get the best out of myself and live in general a pretty positive lifestyle and a very comfortable lifestyle. I’m very lucky indeed, but also, I’ll put the hard work in I’ll put the effort in and I’m committed to what I do hope you can do the same.

Great talking to you; have a great weekend. Bye for now.

Yours in Aiki,

Sensei Ross Taylor 5th Dan

Owner & Principal Instructor at West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy

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