Bullying, How Can Aikido Help?

Bullying is a big problem these days. What can we learn from the Martial Arts and, in particular, the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido to help us and our kids cope?

Ross Taylor Sensei (5th Dan Yoseikan Aikido) discusses…


Hi, Ross Taylor here from West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy. I just wanted to talk today about bullying and its impact on, or that it has on, our society and particularly young people these days, I’ve just finished doing a private lesson with a 16-year-old boy who the main reason why his parents have put him in to do private lessons is because he’s been bullied at school predominantly. They are trying to obviously get his confidence up and have come to us to hoping the martial arts will build his confidence and enable him to deal with the bullies. But I’ve got to say that to me bullying is just really a despicable act. I just can’t understand why people bully others and it happens not just the kids but it happens to adults in the workplace as well, and it is really a really an insidious thing and I wish it was an easy thing to stamp out but unfortunately it’s not. And the only thing we can do particularly as parents is to arm ourselves or our arm our kids with confidence and one way of doing that is learning the martial arts instilling in them through the values that we teach in the martial arts every day the respect for yourself the confidence that martial arts builds within you because once you start learning new skills and you’re improving in those new skills you’re building confidence and you’re gaining that confidence day by day each time you come on the mats you’re building that confidence up and I’ve seen it with this young man he’s been training with us now for around about two months and twice a week and his confidence I can see has built phenomenally in that two months. He’s still got a long way to go but at the same token I think what we’re teaching at the moment is really helping him and hopefully, it will help him to go back to school with more confidence and that way he’ll be able to concentrate on the things that he needs to concentrate on. Like his learning as opposed to worrying about people bullying him every day at school. So, one of the things, as I said before, we work on all those traits all those values that the martial arts give us and some of the things that we teach the kids all about those core values. And just in the back of me here, is our life skills program. The word of the month this month is “practice” so we learn all these skills here we teach the kids these skills or develop them more with the kids through our practice in the martial arts and just looking at and things like manners, perseverance, discipline, courtesy respect, all those things, honesty. And we also teach them how to be good leaders within their community which is something that we really need a lot more of in our society these days so just wanted to talk briefly about bullying and the effects that it can have especially on young people and that we will really want to stamp out that bullying and so one of the good ways to do that one of the ways that can help with that is through good solid, I think, traditional martial arts training like we teach here at West Coast Aikido.

Thank you for listening. Bye for now.

Domo arigato,
Sensei Ross Taylor
5th Dan Black Belt (Godan) Aikido
Owner & Principal Instructor
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy

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