Beginner Martial Arts Program

Beginner Martial Arts Program

If you’ve ever had an interest in exploring the martial arts or just simply wanted to be able to defend yourself, our West Coast Aikido Martial Arts 2 Week Beginners Course for only $39 (includes a FREE uniform) is a great way for you to try it out and see for yourself if you like the training. Designed for new starters, this program is a great way to get started in Aikido. You don’t have to be fit, flexible, or strong. This course is for new beginners only and is a great option for those wishing to learn a martial art and improve their fitness.

Even if you think you’ve passed your prime, it’s never too late to learn a Martial Art! Our beginner classes are a great chance to try it out and receive instruction with other beginner adults.  Our classes are small, usually 10 or less in the beginner group and the class is only 60 minutes in duration.  Our instructors have trained for many years as teachers, so they know how to make adults & youth feel comfortable and safe in the classes.  We recognize that very few like to be a beginner at anything, so we will do our best to have you enjoy the classes and get training that is appropriate for your body conditioning.  Every class is a bit like having a personal training session designed to give you just the right mix of challenge, fun, and fitness, while you learn alongside people who are getting started just like you.

Open to men, women and teens, the course introduces you to Aikido by teaching basic techniques and practical self-defence. It is the perfect opportunity for you to try out Aikido without committing yourself to ongoing membership fees.

At the very least, you will learn some valuable lessons in being able to go through life with some self-defence skills that may just get you out of trouble one day…

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