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Since 1993 West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy has trained thousands of people from all walks of life our amazing Martial Art. Simply put, training in Yoseikan Aikido will improve all areas of your life. Regardless of age, fitness level or physical limitations we can help you learn this incredible martial art and great way to live. Aikido training will enable you to defend yourself or your loved ones. You will reduce stress, improve your fitness, become more self-disciplined, have greater focus, awareness, confidence, elevated self-esteem and get more out of life! Aikido is a martial art that is practiced by millions of people of all ages throughout the world. Many practice Aikido as a form of nonviolent self-defence, but many also train in Aikido for the mental and spiritual benefits that it provides. At West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy, we are dedicated to helping you acquire practical self-defence skills whilst reducing stress, and getting into the best shape of your life!
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts AcademyThursday, January 16th, 2020 at 11:48am
Our young students love coming to class @westcoastaikido. Making new friends, achieving their goals and developing themselves physically and mentally. What every parent would want for their child.
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy shared a link.Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 4:50am
You work hard throughout the year to achieve your goals and acquire the material possessions you desire. However whilst doing this you may have put your health and fitness on hold making up excuses as…
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy shared a link.Friday, January 3rd, 2020 at 11:51am
Discover nine benefits of martial arts for kids who learn and think differently, like kids with ADHD. Find out what to look for in a martial arts class.
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts AcademyFriday, January 3rd, 2020 at 9:39am
8 Reasons Why Discipline Is Good For Your Child
Many parents don’t set - or don't enforce - rules for their kids because they don’t want to be the villain. But disciplining your child will help them become a responsible adult.
By Rebecca Parsley -

Often, it seems ‘discipline’ is a naughty word for parents. It sounds as though we’re being unkind to our children, upsetting them and depriving them in some way. In reality, it’s an essential part of growing up – it sets the foundations for good behaviour in the future and helps them become responsible adults. Here’s why disciplining your child will only benefit them in the long run.
They will learn about consequences
If a child runs into the road after his or her football when you’ve told them not to, you might ban them from playing with the ball for a while. This is an opportunity for them to learn from their mistakes. They aren’t allowed to run into the road because there are lots of cars and it is unsafe; they didn’t follow the rules, so they lost their privileges. You’ll need to explain this reasoning clearly as it’s important children understand the difference between consequences and punishments. They need to know the former are a result of their actions and the choices they make – it’s not their parents being mean for the sake of it.
Discipline teaches a child to make good choices and builds problem-solving skills
If the ball is in the road and the child wants to continue playing, but knows they can’t retrieve it themselves, how can he or she get the ball back without breaking the rules? Encourage them to think around the problem and work out how to achieve the outcome they want.
Discipline can help kids deal with anxiety
You may find this hard to believe, especially if your child is strong-willed, but most kids don’t want to be in charge. They like to test their boundaries, sure – but it’s a way of finding out where the limits are, of making sure that there are limits. Studies have shown that children with permissive parents often have anxiety issues. They are aware they lack the experience to make adult decisions and they feel unsettled at the absence of any guidance or leadership.
They will learn to manage their emotions
Children act on impulse – for example, lashing out when a sibling or friend takes their toy. They need to understand this is not acceptable behaviour in life and find an alternative method of dealing with such frustrations. A good way is to impose a time-out from the immediate situation, giving them space to calm down, and then talk about the behaviour together later. Teach your child the importance of being able to step away from a heated situation – effectively placing him or herself in a time-out – before it develops.
It will help keep them safe
Remember the ball rolling into the busy road? Explain to your child why they are not allowed to go after it: “If you run into the road, you might get hit by a car because the driver won’t expect you to be there. I don’t want you to get hurt.” By understanding the reason behind a rule, your child is more likely to follow it in future when you might not be there to remind them.

It teaches acceptable conduct
It can be difficult to do, but by refusing to give in to your child’s temper-tantrums or whining and ignoring them instead, you are demonstrating to them that bad behaviour won’t get them what they want. It also means they lose your attention. You need to demonstrate that acting out doesn’t achieve anything.
They will be happier
Discipline gives children guidelines they can follow. They know what is expected, what is appropriate, and they will learn in time to stick to the rules. Studies have shown that a strong sense of self-control is more likely to result in a person having lower stress levels and being more content in life.
They will be more successful
A person who is self-disciplined is better equipped to focus on their studies, set and achieve personal goals, and ignore distractions. They are less likely to give into impulses that might tempt them towards anti-social or even criminal behaviour, as they exercise what experts call ‘effortful inhibition’ – using the self-control they have developed to consciously avoid dangerous or unacceptable actions.

bad behaviour
good behaviour
parental control

Rebecca Parsley
Rebecca Parsley, originally from the UK, now lives on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. She has been married for 27 years and has two children – Adam, 25, and Emma, 19. She believes looking after dogs and cats is easier than parenting. A freelance writer and journalist, she enjoys salsa dancing and motorsport.
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts AcademyMonday, December 30th, 2019 at 1:56am
If you are looking for a different way to stay fit and healthy in 2020 why not try Aikido. Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art that relies on technical skill, not brute strength, to survive a physical attack. Aikido training is also a great way to gain more confidence and focus whilst reducing stress levels and getting into your best ever physical and mental shape. Take advantage of our One Month Free training offer. Call 93096506 or visit to book your place. But hurry as spaces are filling fast.
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy
West Coast Aikido Martial Arts AcademySaturday, December 28th, 2019 at 3:02am
Kids are our future and we must be careful when guiding them along life's many twists and turns. At West Coast Aikido we believe in giving kids a chance to discover their 'Best Life'. Its like making a great cake. Mix in the right ingredients, a little fun, some discipline and respect, add self defence techniques, cook (test) for the required time and presto, you have made a great cake or in this case a great student.
If you or your child are interested in learning the many positive benefits of Aikido take advantage of our One Month of Free classes starting in January. Call 93096506 or visit to register your interest. Don't delay as places are filling fast.
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