Adult Martial Art Classes

Martial Arts Classes for Adults

You may think adult martial arts are out of your reach. Perhaps you are unfit because you haven’t exercised in years. Or you think you are simply too old to start? Maybe you are looking for a traditional martial art that has a rich philosophical base that will improve your life whilst at the same time teach you a practical and effective form of self defence?

At West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy training is conducted in a safe, structured environment, free of egos in an art that was based on the theory of adaptability. What does that mean? Simply put, regardless of your age, fitness level or even if you have physical limitations we can accommodate you.

As a martial art and spiritual discipline, Aikido will improve all areas of your life. You will reduce stress, improve your fitness, be more self-disciplined, have greater focus and awareness, feel more confident, raise your self-esteem and achieve more of your life goals.

Since 1993 West Coast Aikido Academy has trained thousands of local people from all walks of life, from the regular person off the street to emergency service workers, health professionals, armed forces, police and prison personnel. Why? Because Aikido is perfectly suited to controlling an opponent without causing serious injury. Put simply, if you are attacked, your aikido training will enable you to defend yourself or your loved ones, without causing undue harm to the attacker.

Adult Classes are for ages 13 and up.

At West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy, we are dedicated to helping you acquire practical self defence skills whilst reducing stress, and getting into the best shape of your life!

Please see the Training Timetable to see which of our classes is right for you.

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