West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy

Since 1993 West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy has trained thousands of people from all walks of life our amazing Martial Art. Simply put, training in Yoseikan Aikido will improve all areas of your life.

Dojo History

Like most martial arts schools, the West Coast Aikido Academy of Western Australia has had several locations since its establishment in July 1993.

The West Coast Aikido Academy of Western Australia began classes at the Kingsley Community Centre in the northern suburbs of Perth.

In 1994, the Academy moved to the Warwick Senior High School, only a short distance away but by late 1994 the student base had grown so large we did not have adequate space or appropriate facilities for our training. Consequently we moved our training base to the Greenwood YMCA in around February 1995 and remained there until 1999. Unfortunately, by the middle of 1999 the YMCA was in financial difficulties and we could not continue at that site. So our search began for a new location.


Late in 1999 we were able to acquire space at the nearby High Flyers Gymnastics Academy in Wangara. With its purpose-built sprung floor and plenty of room, this venue was ideal for aikido training.


However, by late 2005 the Academy’s class numbers had begun to expand and a desire to get our own purpose-built facility was calling. Fortunately we were able to acquire a lease on a property in Dellamarta Road in Wangara. The new facility provided students with a traditional dojo setting, more classes and was more conducive to aikido training.


In November 2012, the West Coast Aikido Academy relocated to its existing facility further up Dellamarta Road establishing one of the few full-time dojo’s in Perth. This facility is larger and once again provides students with more classes and more convenient times to train.

our culture

Our mission at West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy is to serve our students, members, and families at the highest level. With this being our ultimate goal, we are constantly improving upon everything that we do, to better the experience for our students. Through updating our curriculum and character development program, to staff and instructor training and constantly updating and improving our facilities, we are always investing in ways to better serve our students.

As part of Perth’s Northern Suburbs community since 1993, we have always been closely involved with our local schools, businesses and other organizations and we believe, because of this, many local people have chosen to be a part of our culture.

We have a strong LEARNING ethos where through progressive teaching methods we guide our students carefully whilst giving them opportunities to constantly and consistently grow and improve themselves. West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to providing an environment that satisfies our student’s needs whilst at the same time maintaining a ‘family’ atmosphere.

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