12 Ways To Stop A Bully


Let’s face facts. Bullying is out of control! It seems that every day we hear of people, especially kids, being bullied whether at school, in the playground, at the shops, at bus stops, or even by their so-called ‘friends.’

Too many of our kids are being bullied and some are paying a huge price for not being able to stand up for themselves.

Bully Proof Child Aikido Martial Arts PerthEnough is enough! No-one should have to put up with being bullied. The consequences are too great, effecting a child’s confidence and self-esteem, not to mention their grades at school and friendships.

So what is the solution?

The traditional martial arts have a long history of teaching not only the physical self-defence skills, but just as importantly, the ‘life skills and values’ such as self-control, self-discipline, respecting self and others, focus, awareness. Put simply, the more you train in the martial arts, the more confidence you will gain.

At our martial arts academy, we teach kids how to ‘Bully-Proof’ themselves. We have 12 ‘Bully-Proof ‘ strategies that your child can use at any time to discourage the bully, helping them to walk away with confidence.

Dozens of our students have used these strategies effectively in real situations. Many of our parents have seen the benefits of how these strategies have given their children more confidence to walk away from the bully.


These ‘Bully-Proof’ strategies are easy to learn and to put into action. In fact, we have a Free Download, 12 Ways to Stop A Bully’. To receive your copy simply fill in the form below and we will email it to your inbox.

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